1) Q: My babyhawk is shaking violently when I throttle up. How can I fix this?

A1: The Femto F3 flight controller built into the babyhawk is soft mounted using

double-sided foam tape. Any plastic body piece touching the board directly can transfer

unwanted vibration from the motors, so try to isolate the board from touching when

mounting on the double-sided foam tape.

A2: Please re-calibrate the babyhawk ESCs.

2) Q: Whats the Babyhawk’s max current rating?

A: The Babyhawk runs off the EMAX Femto F3 Flight Controller/PDB board which has a

current rating of 80A max.

3) Q: What ESC firmware does the Babyhawk run?

A: EMAX Bullet 6A ESC firmware.

4) Q: Is the Video transmitter (or vtx) power output switchable?

A: Yes it is switchable from 25mW to 200mW. The 200mW is represented as a dot on

the digital display.

5) Q: Where can you get replacement Babyhawk props?

A: You can get replacement Babyhawk props (EMAX T2345) for the 1104 motors at:

www.emaxmodel.com , www.emax-usa.com

6) Q: Can you remove motor guards?

A: Yes the motor guards are removable. This will allow lighter overall weight but offer no

protection against external damage to the prop. Please take care to replace the screws

with the shorter M1.4 motor mount screws provided in the kit.

7) Q: What is the KV of the motor?

A: 1104 5250kv

8) Q: What is the maximum current rating of the Babyhawk ESC?

A: The EMAX Bullet 6A BLHeli_S ESCs that are built into the Babyhawk have burst

current rating of 10A each.