1)  Q: What is the recommended input voltage of the RS2205-S brushless motor?

A: EMAX RS2306 recommended input voltage is 3S-4S (11.1v-16.8v). Please take care to use smaller

diameter or pitch propeller when using higher voltage.

2) Q: What is the recommended prop size for the EMAX RS2205-S 2300kv/2600kv? A1: EMAX RS2205-S

2300kv on 3S we recommend 4”-7” propellers.

A2: EMAX RS2205-S 2300kv on 4S we recommend 4”-6” propellers. A3: EMAX RS2205-S 2600kv on 3S we

recommend 4”-6” propellers. A4: EMAX RS2205-S 2600kv on 4S we recommedn 4”-5” propellers.

3)  Q: How do I reverse the motor rotation direction without BLHeli suite or GUI?

A: Desolder any two of the three motor wires from the ESC. Swap the order of the leads and

re-solder onto ESC. Switching any two of the motor wires orders will reverse the direction of


4)  Q: What do I do in the event of a motor slipping magnets?

A: Due to factors that affect properties of glue (like temperature, humidity, chemical composition,

etc.), very rare cases of glue issues at the manufacturing level may occur. Please contact your

sales rep and create a ticket on our websites to resolve this issue under warranty

(https://emax-usa.com/pages/warranty-support) **Motors that have obvious signs of crash

damage or abuse aside from manufacturing defect may not be considered under warranty.