1)  Q: What protocols can the Lightning_S 35A support?

A: Oneshot42, Oneshot125, and Multishot are supported. DSHOT is not supported without modification

and we do not recommend it.

2) Q: My drone fell out of the sky mid-flight. Assuming everything else is ok, what could cause

this failure in ESC?

A: Excessive heat that is not circulated properly can build up on the ESC components. If past 183

°C or 361 °F, the mosfets can melt off from the PCB board. When this occurs, electrical short and

ultimately, the failure of the unit will be imminent. Use factory supplied heat shrink with no wrap

or tape covering the ESC for exposed cooling.

3)  Q: What is the Lightning_S 35A ESC input voltage?

A1: EMAX Lightning_S 35A v1 ESC can handle 2S-6S (7.4v-25.2v). A2: EMAX Lightning_S 35A v2 ESC can

handle 2S-4S (7.4v-16.8v).

4)  Q: What is the size of the Lightning_S 35A ESC?

A: The EMAX Lightning_S 35A ESC measures at 32.6mm x 18.0mm x 6.5mm.

5) Q: What is the maximum burst current rating for the Lightning_S 35A ESC? A: The EMAX Lightning_S

35A is capable of burst current rating of 40A.

6)  Q: What type of firmware does the Lightning_S 35A use?

A: BLHeli_S