As our Lightning 20A and 30A ESC come out earlier than official BLHELI program,and old Lightning 20A and 30A ESCs’ program based on our Nano firmware.Due to the different hardware configuration, Lightning 20A &30A ESC could not be flashed directly by any hex file of NANO 20a ESC,but now could find the lightning 20A &30A ESC in official hex:

We have had many customers flash the Lightning 20A and Lightning 30A ESCs with Nano20A 14.6 firmware and having problems. PLEASE DO NOT FLASH LIGHTNING 20A and 30A ESC WITH WRONG FIRMWARE. Lightning 20A and 30A ESCs are factory flashed with 14.2 and performs flawlessly.  Although BlHeli Suite recommends Nano20A 14.6 firmware, "EMAX Lightning 20A" firmware for multirotors must be used if updating to 14.6. Please check version of firmware before flashing.

1.Link for downloading the latest file package get the BLHeli firmware :                                                                                                          

And then could find the appropriate firmware (EMAX Lightning 20A) as follows (



2.Steps to update to newer firmware (User assumes all risk when flashing to non-factory firmware):

1) Remove propellers before you flash or handle your multirotor.

2) Power your ESC and connect to BLHeli Suite

3) Click “Flash BLHeli”.

4) If “EMAX Nano 20A” 14.6 firmware is shown on your Lightning 20A or 30A ESC, DO NOT SELECT IT.

5) Click “Ignore the List, Pick a File” button.

6) A new window will open and you can select the correct firmware (EMAX_Lightning_20A_MULTI_REV14_6.HEX) you have downloaded.

7) Please confirm if you have loaded the correct firmware.

8) Flash firmware.

***”EMAX_LIGHTNING_20A_MULTI_REV14.6.HEX” firmware will work for both Lightning 20A and Lightning 30A ESCs***