If your EZ Pilot has a strong drift towards a particular direction while hovering, please recalibrate the on-board accelerometers. 

To do so, place your EZ Pilot on a flat and level surface with the controller and the drone plugged-in and turned on (but disarmed). The drone should show a flashing green LED through its body shell. Then, quickly pull the flight mode switch lever (on the right shoulder of the controller) towards you and repeat/cycle 6 times. This should end with the flight mode switch lever towards you. The flashing green LED should have become a solid green LED, which will last a few seconds. 

When calibration is complete, the green LED should turn off. You are now ready to return your flight mode switch to your preferred flight mode and enjoy flying!

Additional Notes:
1. The EZ Pilot is an FPV drone, not a GPS camera drone. As such, it will not be able to hold its position perfectly and indefinitely while hovering. The drone will need to be manually controlled at all times.

2. If your EZ Pilot still drifts significantly after recalibration, please note which side/corner it drifts towards. Place a few sheets of paper (or the manual) under that side/corner when completing the recalibration steps outlined above.