You may experience D16 compatibility issues  (i.e. binding/failsafes/range issues) with newer ACCESS (ISRM Module) based FrSky radio transmitters/controllers, even when trying to use ACCST16 protocol. This may occur with XM+ (Buzz) or SPI (TinyHawk/S/Freestyle/II) receivers. Please take note of the suggestions below. If compatibility issues persist, please contact FrSky for support.

Suggestions - Make sure your transmitter is updated with a firmware able to use/simulate ACCST16. The XM+/SPI receivers do NOT work with ACCESS. Also, make sure NOT to update your controller to the new ACCST16 2.0 firmware - which is NOT compatible with the receivers. Note that using the ACCST16 2.0 or later firmware includes the "channel output error (uncontrolled servo movements)" fix, which is likely to further break compatibility. (While you could update the firmware on the XM+ receiver, that user modification is not easy to do/supported/warrantied.)