You may experience D16 compatibility issues  (i.e. binding/failsafes/range issues) with newer ACCESS (ISRM Module) based FrSky radio transmitters/controllers, even when trying to use ACCST16 protocol. This may occur with XM+ (Buzz) or SPI (TinyHawk/S/Freestyle/II) receivers. Please take note of the suggestions below. If compatibility issues persist, please contact FrSky for support.

Suggestions - Make sure your transmitter is updated with a firmware able to use/simulate ACCST16. The XM+/SPI receivers do NOT work with ACCESS. Also, make sure NOT to update your controller to the new ACCST16 2.0 firmware - which is NOT compatible with the receivers. (While you could update the firmware on the XM+ receiver, that user modification is not easy to do/supported/warrantied.)