Potential ESC/Motor Damage

Please only use crash flip (aka turtle mode, anti turtle mode, flip over after crash) if you are an experienced pilot  know that there is nothing blocking/jamming a propeller/motor,  AND are willing to take the risk of damaging motors/ESC's which is not covered under warranty.*

Sliding Instead of Flipping

If you are experiencing difficulty with using crash flip (i.e. while using the four-blade propellers on the TinyHawk), please use the following CLI command in BetaFlight:

set crashflip_motor_percent = 0

This command will keep all four motors/props from spinning up during use of turtle mode, and only spin up the 1 or 2 motors needed to execute your desired rotation. This may be especially helpful when the drone is on smooth surfaces. You may also want to try rotating/pitching fore/aft, rather than just side-to-side.


Use with Care

Anti-turtle is great in theory, but it’s not always so simple in practice. If you end up upside down, something probably went terribly wrong. Anti-turtle is only going to save you if your quad is still in good shape: your motors still work, your props aren’t broken, your battery is still in place, and so on. If you’ve done damage or had parts shift around in the crash, trying to fly again can damage things even further. If you had time to visually inspect the craft you would just flip it over manually, so you’re taking a risk when you use it.

Another problem to watch out for is motors not spinning freely. Grass can get caught in motors and need cleared before you can flip over or fly again. A stuck motor can burn out by trying to use it when it’s being held in place. Don’t push it more than a couple seconds. If your quad doesn’t feel right, stop trying!