If you have enjoyed the EZ Pilot and are ready to move on to more advanced drones, such as our TinyHawk series, here is what you will need to know:

1. Transporter Goggles - You can continue to use the Transporter goggles with other FPV drones that use 5.8GHz analog video transmission. All the frequencies are standardized. If the new drone is from EMAX, then the Band letter and Channel number will match those from the goggles.
(Note: You can add an additional upgrade antenna, such as our Nano and Pagoda series antennas which have an SMA connector.)

2. EZ Pilot Contoller - Unfortunately, the EZ Pilot controller uses a proprietary protocol, so will not be compatible with our more advanced drones. You would need something with D8 protocol compatibility, such as the E6 Radio Transmitter (controller) which comes with the TinyHawk RTF Series bundles. The E6 Radio Transmitter compatible with the D8 protocol is available separately at https://emax-usa.com/products/emax-e6-transmitter-radio-controller-frsky-d8-mode-compatible 

(Note: The Buzz uses D16 protocol, and EMAX does not offer a D16 compatible radio as of this post.)

3. Drone Setup - If you are intending to continue using your Transporter goggles, you will likely be buying a BNF version of our more advanced drones. If this is the case AND you are using the E6 Radio Transmitter, you will need to find your specific BNF drone in our Knowledge Base and either: apply the RTF version's CLI settings, or manually set the channel order and modes switches (see, https://emaxusa2.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/19000110430-e6-rtf-radio-transmitter-arming-controls-binding-issues).